Builder’s Blog

Because we take tremendous pride in each and every home we build, Capps Construction likes to document the process from foundation to completion. You can see what goes into building quality custom homes right here on our Builder’s Blog.

Dam! The Lake is Full

Nacimiento dam closeup by the Capps Construction Drone

Here’s some exclusive footage from the Capps Construction drone of the Lake Nacimiento dam as it lets out excess water. This summer on the lake is going to be EPIC!


New Project: Lot 115

Pouriung the foundation and forms built by Capps Concrete

Here’s behind the scenes look at our latest construction project: Lot 115, at 2640 Edgewood Court in Heritage Ranch. Follow along with us while we build this house from the ground up. You’ll see the entire home-construction process, from the moment we break ground until we lay out the welcome mat.


New Home for Sale: 2625 Edgewood Court

2625 Edgewood from the air

This house is built to please! Watch as we complete the process and see what a quality custom home is made of. We’re building a 2281 sq. ft. home with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bath, built on .29 acre lot overlooking the scenic rolling hills of Lake Nacimiento. Check back often as we post regular updates from the job site.


New Home for Sale: 2665 Edgewood Court

2665 Edgewood street view

Watch the step-by-step process as we build this beautiful single family home overlooking Lake Nacimiento. When completed, 2665 Edgewood Court will be a 2236 square foot home with 3 bedroom, 2 bath, and a 3 car garage plus boat storage.